Whose Car Insurance Covers
the Rental Car?

Sandy asks:

Whose car insurance covers the rental car. I will be the Primary Renter of Enterprise car rental with 3 additional authorized drivers (named/signed on contract and fees paid).

Would additional coverage be needed? Thank you for any information you can provide me.

My Response: 

With Enterprise (and with any other auto rental company) the full financial 

responsibility for the vehicle (both in terms of third party public liability and property damage claims and/or loss of (theft)/or damage to the rental car itself) completely rests on the shoulders of the primary renter.

Any coverage or protections that you have and use for the rental (ie through a personal auto policy or credit card), or any coverage or protections that you may purchase from the car rental company will cover you and any of the authorized additional drivers that have been approved by the rental car company.

Because it is you, as the primary renter, whose car insurance covers the rental car, you would need to look at all your sources of possible coverage for both liability and loss/damage in order to determine if you feel you are sufficiently covered, or if you would wish to purchase coverage options from Enterprise.

It would be your responsibility to determine your level of coverage before the rental.

When looking at insurance purchase options (damage waivers,supplemental liability 

protection) on Enterprise.com (opens in a new window), they state the following:

 "Enterprise is not qualified to evaluated the adequacy of the renter's existing coverage; therefore the renter should examine his or her credit card protections, automobile insurance policies or other sources of coverage that may duplicate the protection..."

that would be offered by Enterprise.

You can find more information on this site about

Personal Auto Insurance Coverage for Car Rental

as well as some tips on

Credit Card Coverages 

I hope this helps.

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