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Weekly Cargo Van Rental

Ed asks:

I'm thinking of getting a weekly cargo van rental. live in the Hartford CT area. I really only need the vehicle for 4 days, but I'm thinking that it may be cheaper to rent for 7 days. Is this true and do you know of a place in Hartford where I could get a moving van rental for a week?

My Response: 

The pricing difference may depend on which few days you need it for.  A moving van

rental on the weekend may be more expensive than just renting for a few days during the week. (company links open in a new window)

I checked a truck rental company Budget Truck.com as an example.

I checked for a price for a cargo van for 4 days on a weekend, the price for 4 days through the week and then checked the rate for a weekly cargo van rental. The length of the rental made no difference... the daily rate was the same for each rental period. You may find a different result with another company.. the only way to know for sure is to check multiple suppliers.

The first thing that I suggest you do is research what weekly cargo van rental suppliers are in your area; then you can start looking for pricing for the type of truck rental you want for the dates you're looking for, checking the difference for each supplier for a moving van rental for a week vs renting for just the dates that you need.

I did a yellowpages.com search for cargo van rental and moving van rental for Hartford, CT and found the following companies:

Long Distance Movers(888) 631-34403 UHaul Locations

website: UHaul.com

U-Haul Center Of Main St 3197 Main St

(860) 249-5623

U-Haul Center Of West Hartford 164 South St

(860) 953-6138

U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer - 3 B's Hardware Supply 301 Franklin Ave (860) 296-2683

5 Budget Truck Rental Locations

Website: Budget Truck.com

 125 New Britain Ave (860) 522-0580

300 Center Rd (860) 296-2167

39 Jennings Rd (860) 249-2700

430 Tolland St (860) 289-0010

455 Wethersfield Ave (860) 296-3377

3 Penske Truck Rental Locations

website: PenskeTruckRental.com

10 Locust Street (860) 527-6696

1005 New Britain Ave (860) 953-7712

24 Andover Dr (866) 957-0046


2 Ryder Truck Rental and Leasing Locations

website: Ryder.com

185 West Service Road (860) 241-4354

99 Murphy Rd (860) 493-7426

Hope this helps!

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