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Specialty vehicles are offered at most car rental companies. The variety varies from company to company and place to place. These are common types of specialty car rental vehicles that are carried by most car rental companies.

Pick up Trucks

12 Passenger Vans

Cadillac CTS

BMW M3 Convertible

Range Rover

Ford Mustang Coupe

Hybrids (Toyota Prius) (Nissan Altima) - Read more about Hybrid Car Rentals

Smart Cars are available at some car rental company locations. See  Where can I rent a smart car?

Mini Coooper

Chevy Camaro SS

Lincoln Navigator

Dodge Challenger

Chrysler Crossfire

Porshe Boxter


Jeep Wrangler (open air)

SUV Crossover 

Toyota Prius

Some of these vehicles may be placed in different categories by some companies (ie luxury cars or premium cars).

Truck Rentals

*Some car rental companies, Budget for example, have divisions for truck and van rentals for moving. Click here for more information on Moving Truck Rentals

Specialty vehicles often have a limited availability, but it usually allows you to guarantee a make and model. The price is generally higher in this category than for a vehicle of the same size in one of the regular vehicle categories.

Note: Very often when renting specialty vehicles there will be age restrictions and cancellation policies. Make sure to check with the rental car company before you reserve!

While not carried by typical car rental companies, limos, party buses, hummers, etc are
popular rental vehicles for events such as weddings, proms, bachelor parties and other special occasions.


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