Vehicle Guide Midsize Car Rental

Midsize car rental options may be both 2 or 4 door cars.

While 4 door cars are the most common, it is unlikely that a car rental company will guarantee 4 doors in a midsize car.  If the number of doors is a very important feature of your rental experience, you should contact the car rental company to check and see if a 4 door preference can be added to your reservation.

Some Examples

Some common makes and models that you will see offered for a midsize rental include

Toyota Corolla

Nissan Sentra

Dodge Avenger

Chevy Cruze

Seating Capacity

Midsize cars have a seating capacity for 5 passengers

2 seatbelts in front and 3 in the back

Average Luggage Capacity

The average luggage capacity listed for a midsize is

1 Large 2 Medium 3 Small - pieces of luggage

I find that the luggage restrictions usually listed by rental companies tends to be fairly conservative. Capacity will vary depending on the type of luggage or items you're using.

Usual Features

Some common standard features found in a midsize car rental will include

AM/FM stereo/Cassette

Air Conditioning

Power Brakes, Power Steering, Power Windows, Power Locks

Air Bags

Cruise Control

Intermittent Wipers

Average Fuel Economy

The average gas mileage for a midsize car is

23 mpg – city

33 mpg - highway

This makes this type of car a very popular option for both short and long rentals.

The midsize car category is probably the most popular car class for rental companies.... and usually is the biggest selection in their fleets.

Note: In general categories, car rental companies can rarely guarantee a make or model. That’s why you’ll usually see a make/model example with a notation of …or similar. That means you will get either that vehicle or something of similar size and with similar features. 

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