Vehicle Guide Midsize SUV  Rentals

A midsize SUV rental will be a 4 door vehicle.

Some Examples

Some common makes and models that you will see offered for a midsize SUV rental may include

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Ford Escape

Toyota Rav 4

Seating Capacity

The seating capacity of a midsize SUV rental is 5 -- 2 seat belts in front and 3 in the back seat.

Average Luggage Capacity

The average luggage capacity of this size SUV is

4 Large 2 Medium 1 Small - pieces of luggage.

The number of luggage items that you will be able to fit in a midsize SUV will depend on the size and shape of the items. Often the luggage capacity listed by car rental companies is conservative.

Usual Features

Some commond standard features that you can find when renting a midsize SUV are:

AM/FM stereo/Cassette

CD Player

Air Conditioning

Power Brakes, Power Steering, Power Windows, Power Locks

Anti-Lock Brakes

Air Bags

Cruise Control

Intermittant Wipers

Tilt Steering Wheel

Average Fuel Economy

The average gas mileage of a midsize SUV rental is

15 mpg – city

22 mpg - highway

When renting a midsize SUV, it is common (especially during peak holiday times or in the summer) that they will have a no show policy. You will be required to give your credit card information upon reservation. Make sure to check any cancellation policies to find out how far in advance you can cancel in order to avoid or lessen cancellation or no show fees.

It is also common for SUVs to have mileage restrictions. You can always try contacting a car rental company directly (try their toll free reservation line) and seeing if an employee can offer more miles or an unlimted mileage rate option for you.

SUVs are one of the most popular types of rental vehicles... and also one of the most limited car rental fleet items. It's always best to book as far in advance as possible in order to guarantee such a high demand vehicle.

Note: In general categories, car rental companies can rarely guarantee a make or model. That’s why you’ll usually see a make/model example with a notation of …or similar. That means you will get either that vehicle or something of similar size and with similar features. 

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