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Economy rental cars will have either 2 or 4 doors. While most will be 4 door, it is rare that a company will guarantee which you will get.

Some Examples of common economy car rental makes and models are

Hyundai Accent

Chevrolet Spark

Kia Rio

Seating Capacity

The seating capacity of an economy car rental will be 4 or 5.

I would not recommend an economy sizefor 5 people if you will be driving any distance... compact would be a little bigger and often the same price!

Average Luggage Capacity

The average luggage capacity of an economy rental car is

1 Large 1 Medium 1 Small - pieces of luggage.

This figure (provided by car rental companies) is often quite conservative and will depend on the type of luggage/items you carry. If you have any concerns about the luggage capacity in a rental economy car, it should be easy for you to look at the trunk of one before you rent (either through a friend, family member or even a local auto dealership).

Usual Features

Common features that you will find in an economy size are:

AM/FM stereo

Air Conditioning

Power Brakes

Air Bags

Average Fuel Economy

The average gas mileage for an economy sized car is

26 mpg – city

35 mpg - highway 

When you see two options for seating capacity, it means that the rental company has both options available in that category. You are guaranteed 4 passenger seating. Whether or not you get 5 passenger seating would depend on what make/model you getat the rental counter.

The economy car class is the most often overbooked category... you are most likely to be offered or given a free upgrade when you reserve an economy car... although it is never a guarantee.

Note: In general categories, companies can rarely guarantee a make or model. That’s why you’ll usually see one example with a notation of "or similar". That means you will get either that vehicle or something of similar size and with similar features. 


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