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Car rentals will carry compact cars with both 2 and 4 doors. While 4 door cars are generally the norm, it is rare that an auto rental company would guarantee such a feature... if you can, make sure to request it as a preference.

Rental companies vary in their make and model offerings for all size categories.

Some Examples of common compact car rentals include

Nissan Versa

Ford Focus

Nissan Sentra

Seating Capacity

The seating capacity of a compact car is 5 - 2 seat belts in front and 3 in the back.

While a compact car has a seating capacity of 5, if it's affordable, I would recommend a larger size rental car if there will be 5 people travelling in the vehicle for any length of time.

There's often not much price difference between a compact, mid and full size car, and the difference in size of the back seat will be much appreciated by your passengers!

Average Luggage Capacity

The average luggage capacity of a compact car is

1 Large 2 Medium 2 Small -- pieces of luggage.

I find the average luggage capacity listed on most car rental comapany sites is lower ... certainly lower than what I can pack into a vehicle! If you have luggage capacity concerns, I recommend either checking with someone you know who has the same type of vehicle, or visiting a local car dealership to actually view the interior of a compact car, so that you'll know if it will meet your luggage demands.

Usual Features

The common standard features of a compact rental car include:

AM/FM stereo/Cassette

Air Conditioning

Power Brakes, Power Steering

Air Bags

Cruise Control

Intermittent Wipers

Average Fuel Economy

The average gas mileage calculations for a compact category are

26 mpg – city

34 mpg - highway

Note: In general categories, companies can rarely guarantee a make or model. That’s why you’ll usually see a make/model example with a notation of …or similar. That means you will get either that vehicle or something of similar size and with similar features. 



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