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I will be renting a car in Ft. Myers July 23-26 (2011) and will be turning 25 on the 30th. Do any of the rental companies have any leeway in the car rental underage fees for someone who is close to being 25 or should I expect to be paying the $20/30 extra per day?

There is, sadly, normally no leeway for the minimum age restriction or the under 25 

fees.... policies state that if the rental company requires a minimum age of 25 to rent without incurring an underage surcharge, the renter must be 25 on the date of pickup.

The only normal exceptions to the car rental underage fee requirement are for government renters and certain corporate accounts.

The young driver surcharge is generally waived for federal government employees and active duty military personnel on federal government business.

Also, some companies have special corporate accounts set up that will waive the young driver fee for their employees when they rent using that corporate account number.


Business Car Rentals

Government Car Rental

Also, there may be the odd time that a company (Hertz, for example) will offer a limited time deal where they waive the normal underage fees (for a certain amount of time -- there may also be location or vehicle restrictions) See offer below.

Yes, you can expect to pay the $20-$30 (or more) per day under 25 fee... but Enterprise.com (opens in a new window) tends to have the lowest underage fees.

I checked for Fort Myers and Enterprise (April 2011) only charges an extra $15 per day.... Hope this helps and good luck with your rental! 

*Note: Car rental companies can modify fees at any time; I make every attempt to maintain up-to-date info, but always check with an individual company to verify any young driver charges. See: Disclaimer 

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