Best Price for a Two Month Car Rental

Melanie asks:

My mom is coming to Florida to visit from this summer. We are looking for a two month car rental that originates in Dayton, Ohio (airport) and returns there (July 1-Sept 1), but the car will spend most of the time in Florida. We have a quote from Enterprise for $1865 for a compact car. Are there any better options? Thanks.

My Response: 

I'm not sure offhand if there are any better options. Car rental prices vary from company 

to company, city to city, car type to car type, time of year, etc. They're always changing, and there's generally no one rental company that is always cheaper than the rest.

It sounds like you've got a reasonable price for a two month car rental and the only way to see if there is anything better out there is to compare that price with pricing from other companies... for the same city, dates, times, car size, etc.

I checked a few other companies (links open in new windows) for the best price for a two month car rental, and 

Enterprise does have the cheapest rate, followed closely by Alamo which was only a few dollars more.

National was next (about $155 more than Enterprise) while Avis and Budget were about $20 higher than National.

Hertz was by far the most expensive company... almost $900 more expensive than Enterprise.

You might also try rechecking your Enterprise rate using a discount code or qualifying coupon.

Hope this helps!

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