Using a Travel Agent to Rent a Car

A travel agent is a professional who makes travel arrangements for individuals or groups.

While some people prefer to book all their own particulars, others enjoy the being able to let someone else handle all the arrangements. 

A travel professional can be
especially helpful if you are
looking to book a multi-faceted,
special trip, particularly in another country. 

They can arrange all details of your air, hotels, train, car rental, theatre tickets and restaurant reservations - 

saving you hours on the phone
or on your computer. 

There are some situations with regards to car rentals where a travel agent can help tremendously

Overseas travel often involves maximum age restrictions, border crossing restrictions and and rental car insurance is a lot more complicated!

Planning an event such as a wedding or a reunion can be time consuming. If you're trying to coordinate car rental (and/or airfare and hotel accomodations) for a group of people, why not get some help! 

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Having an expert on travel negotiate those tricky areas is a great idea -- so there are no unpleasant surprises at the rental counter.

Most travel agents are well travelled, and are able to offer personal insight and suggestions for the location that you're travelling to.

One of the best ways to choose a travel agent is by recommendation. If you have a friend, family member or coworker who has a great relationship with a certain travel agency or agent in particular... check them out!

Choosing a local professional (one that's physically in your city or town) will allow you to build a great relationship.

Always tell the person helping you plan your car rental or travel arrangements exactly what you're looking for. Even if every wish can't be fulfilled, they won't be able to provide the best experience without clear direction from you of exactly what you're looking for. 

Using an agent is just one of the many ways to reserve a car rental or book one or more components of your travel plans. Whether or not you get some professional help with booking your travel arrangements or you do them yourself, may depend on your preferences and on the specifics of the type of trip you're looking for.

If I was looking to book a vehicle for a short trip or one that wasn't too far away from home (or a place where I'd traveled previously), I would probably do it myself. If I was looking for a wide variety of components for a special trip, such as a hotel, car rental, airfare package, rail travel or was planning a trip anywhere overseas, I would certainly give a travel professional a try!

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