Car Rental Toll Pass Options 

Car Rental Toll Pass options are available from rental agencies -- but make sure that you are aware of all the charges involved -- in some cases these are not "options".

The majority of car rental companies now provide some sort of option for your rental that will allow the renter to go directly through electronic toll payment lanes, as opposed to waiting in cash payment lines at toll plazas. 

There is, of course a fee associated with these items.

You are automatically charged the toll by the state authority, , as well as an administrative fee from the car rental company itself. The car rental administrative fees and the tolls are billed directly to the credit card used at the time of pick up. The car rental administrative fees average can vary by company and location.  Make sure to check details with your rental car provider of choice.

These pass options can be limited to specific geographic areas, which include the Northeast United States (from Maine to Virginia), Florida, and Colorado, the metropolitan Houston area, the metropolitan Dallas area, Chicago areas and Puerto Rico.

Note: Although often listed as toll pass "options", renters should know that they may have no choice. For example, in Texas renters automatically are not able to decline a toll pass feature... rental vehicles are equipped with either video tolling capability or toll transponders. When you drive through a designated EZ Tag, Toll Tag or Tx Tag based lane you are automatically charged for the toll, PLUS administrative fees charged by the rental companies.


Renters should always make sure to request a full disclosure of any toll pass program available and/or mandatory and request a clear breakdown of all charges-- both from the toll authority, as well as the car rental company.

Keep in mind that if renters decline to purchase the bypass option offered by the car rental companies, they will pay the car rental company for any unpaid toll roads violations (including violations captured by camera) charged by the toll authority plus a predetermined administrative fee per violation.

And most car rental companies will tell you that if you have a personal transponder or account, it may not transfer to the rental vehicle and you will be charged a toll violation.

For more information on car rental company specific Toll Options, check: 

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Avis - I could find no information anywhere on for their toll pass program... renters must contact Avis at  1-800-230-4898 for more information.

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EZ  Rent a Car EZTol Program (go to bottom of page)

*Note: Car rental companies can modify policies as well as options offerd at any time; I make every attempt to maintain up-to-date info, but always check with an individual company to verify any policy or program, such as toll pass options. See: Disclaimer 

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