Can I Take a Rental Car from
Alaska into Canada?

Samantha asks:

As a Canadian, can I rent a car in Anchorage, AK, and cross the border in the Yukon? It'll be returned back to the anchorage airport. My husband has an international passport, could he use that?

My Response:

While Canadian law used to prohibit residents from driving a US owned car into Canada,

(see Border Crossing Policies) that restriction has been lifted. So the possible obstacle becomes the one way rental from Alaska into Canada itself.

The first thing you would need to do, is check to see if your provider of choice (check as many as you can, though) will allow one way rentals out of the country.

I did some research to see what I could find out online... re: IF the rental car company will allow the rental car to leave Alaska: (links open in new windows) gave no information on site, you would have to contact a manager at the Alamo Anchorage location (airport) to see whether they allow their vehicles to leave Alaska.

Anchorage Airport Alamo 1-907-243-3255 gave no information on site, you would have to contact a manager at the Alaska location that you wish to rent from to see if they could accommodate your request.

Anchorage Airport Avis 1-907-249-8260
Off Airport location 441 B Street 1-907-277-4567

According to (when checking a reservation for Anchorage, as an example), their terms and conditions state that Budget does not allow vehicles rented in Alaska to travel outside of Alaska.

According to (when checking a reservation for Anchorage), their local policy for that location states that Driving is restricted to the state of Alaska only. ave no information; you would have to contact the Anchorage Enterprise location

Anchorage Airport Enterprise 1-907-248-5526 was not fully clear about whether or not their vehicles could be taken out of Alaska.

They gave the following information as a restriction for renting in Anchorage:

"Vehicles may not be driven on poorly maintained or unpaved roads. This includes, but is not limited to: the Dalton, Steese, Dempster, Elliott, Denali and Taylor highways."

You should contact a Hertz location in Anchorage to find out whether or not the vehicle would be permitted to go into Canada. There are 5 locations, but the number for the airport is:

Anchorage Airport Hertz 1-907-243-4118 gave no info about vehicle leaving Alaska. You can contact them at

Anchorage Airport National 1-907-243-3255

According to > when checking a rate for an Anchorage rental, Terms and Conditions state:

"Driving is restricted to the state of Alaska only. Vehicles are not allowed into Canada ".

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