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David asks:

re: Switch to Month Long Car Rental

I have a short term rental that because of my wife's health issues(on oxygen and needs a lung transplant) along with a 3 year old, I have been extending every couple days. Now I see I could have rented for a month and paid half as much as I already owe for 2 weeks. Can I switch to month rental and have it work retroactively (for the rate). Not sure how to play it. Please let me know your thoughts as soon as you can. It is greatly appreciated.

My Response:

It's possible that you can extend for another two weeks and switch to month long car rental rate... but it's impossible to say for sure... it really will depend on the policy of the company you are renting from and how they handle rental extensions and the rate changes that go along with extending your contract.

Your best bet is to call in to your particular rental car provider and ask them about extending for another two weeks (or however long it would take you to switch to a monthly rental). They should be able to let you know if the monthly rate can then be adjusted/applied to the new proposed rental period. You must check with them personally to get an answer, I'm afraid.

I hope that you're able to switch to a month long car rental and get the monthly rate retroactive. 

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