SUV Rental from Florida to Drive into Canada with Unlimited Mileage

Isabel asks:

re: SUV rental from Florida to Drive into Canada with Unlimited Mileage

Hello, I plan on taking a road trip from Tampa, Florida to Niagara Falls,Canada. If I rent an Intermediate SUV from Tampa are there geographic restrictions? Can I drive a car rental from Florida into Canada. I also plan on using either my USAA or AAA membership discount code....would that affect the unlimited mileage?

My Response:

Based on your info and in order to do a bit of research into the availability for an SUV 

rental from Florida to drive into Canada with unlimited mileage, I'm going to assume that you're bringing the vehicle back to Tampa.

I did some checking with a good cross-section of providers and found that the majority of rental car companies will offer unlimited mileage (regardless of whether you use a discount code or not) for a midsize suv rental out of TPA.

 Most have no restrictions with you taking a vehicle into Canada.  (links open in a new window) , , , and > all had midsize SUVs with unlimited mileage available, and their website policies stated that rentals that originate in the US may be driven into Canada, as long as you let the rental location know. has an SUV with unlimited mileage available, but recommends that you check first before rental pickup to make sure that the vehicle you're renting will be allowed to travel into Canada. Their website states "certain cars may be rented from the United States and driven into Canada by U.S. residents". You should call 800-230-4898 and double check that an SUV would be allowed. may have availability for an SUV rental from Florida to drive into Canada with unlimited mileage.

The SUV with unlimited mileage was available for those dates, but their website states that locations "may allow limited travel into Canada". You must contact the branch that you wish to rent from directly to find out for sure and what the restrictions may be. The contact number for the Enterprise at the Tampa Airport is Tel.:(813) 396-4000

With , an SUV with unlimited mileage was available, and their website gave no specific geographic restiction informaion; it stated that you must advise the counter if you intend to drive the vehicle into Canada.

Sixt and both have restrictions that their rental vehicles may not be driven outside of the state of Florida.

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