Sticker for Toll Highways in Switzerland

Nimish asks:

re: Sticker for toll highways in Switzerland

According to the vignette system in switzerland, I dont have to pay any toll tax if I have the sticker. My question is "Is the sticker valid cross country or do i have to buy a different sticker per country?" Kindly enlighten me on the above. Thank you.

My Response:

The sticker for toll highways in Switzerland is only valid in Switzerland. You would have   

to buy a different sticker for each country that a)has toll highways and b)offers the purchase of  a sticker.

You can find information on European toll highways for each country that you're looking to visit at Auto (opens in a new window) -- they have a driving guide for each individual country.

When you rent a car in one country and plan on taking it into other countries... make sure to tell the rental agency which countries you will be travelling in, and get clear instructions from them on the best way or best place to purchase a sticker if it is required for any of the countries (that require them) that you'll be travelling in. Also, make sure that you have their permission to take the rental car into each of the countries that you plan on visiting. 

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