Split the Charges on a 60 Day Car Rental

Edgar asks:

re: Split the Charges on a 60 day Car Rental

I need to rent a car for 60 days.

Can I have two rental car contracts for 31 days using two different credit cards? Or two contracts using the same card?

My Response:

I found that 

Avis.com (opens in a new window) offers a split billing payment option which provides the opportunity for renters to split their charges on two separate credit/debit cards (please check debit card policies for your preferred location).

For other companies, I think either of those options you mentioned would be possible.

While for the majority of companies, you can't split charges between credit cards on a single rental, in order to split the charges on a 60 day car rental, they would have to be two separate contracts and therefore, two separate rentals.

What happens is that you would have to make two different reservations and physically have to return the car at the end of the first rental period, close the contract and then rent "another" vehicle under a different contract.

You should definitely contact the manager of the particular location that you will rent from, to determine whether it would be better for you to use two credit cards (they would both have to be in your own name) or have the two contracts using the same credit card.

You'll want to find out, if you plan on using one credit card for both rentals, if they would require an extra deposit, above the estimated rental charges, on each rental or just on the first one.

You'll want to find out from the rental company how they would handle the return of the "first vehicle".... ie whether you would need to actually pick up a different vehicle or if it could just be a matter of closing one contract and starting another using the same vehicle for both rentals.

Hope this helps!

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