Special Equipment for Car Rentals

 Special Equipment for car rentals = extra products that are offered by the rental company for an extra fee. These would be things like child safety seats, gps units or even ski racks. As well, there are car rental extra equipment options for renters with disabilities , that have no extra cost associated.


These are offered in three basic sizes and range from $8 to $15 per day. Enterprise (opens in a new window) tends to have the lowest pricing on car seat rentals.

Some rental car companies have no weekly rate or maximum rate for the car seat rental, while some offer a weekly or maximum rate, per rental. Make sure to calculate the total cost of your saftey seat and not just look at the per day price. 

See Cost to Rent a Car Seat 

There are three main categories of child seats.

Rear facing infant carrier or child/infant seat - (2-20 lbs or 2.27-9.07 kilos). Up to 1 year old

Front facing infant/toddler seat - (20-40 lbs or 9.07-18.16 kilos). Over 1 year old

Booster seat - (40-80 lbs or 18.16-36.32 kilos). Up to 8 years old

Child safety seat laws vary by state and province.

The most common types of car seats carried by car rental companies are Evenflo and Graco.

Note: For liability reasons, the car rental companies will not install the car seat for you. If you need it, they will provide you with installation instructions for this special equipment.

Note: you must follow the law for the state,province or territory that you have rented the car and are driving in, not the state,province or territory that you reside in, if different. 


Safety Seat Laws in the United States

Child Safety Seat Laws in Canada


GPS Units are offered as special equipment at several car rental companies. The common models are Garmin and Neverlost and range from $12-$17 per day (no weekly rates or maximum rates here!).

A GPS unit identifies exactly where you are at any time, and shows and tells you how to get wherever you want to go. They use the Global Positioning System (GPS) – and provide accurate, turn-by-turn voice and text directions.

GPS unit rentals can get quite expensive, depending on the length of your rental. In my opinion, they are incredible! I have one and would never leave home without it! Consider the cost of renting one vs. buying your own. If you have a short car rental and are looking into buying a GPS unit, rent one and see if you like it.


Ski Racks are available at many car rental locations that have proximity to ski destinations. They are sometimes limited to certain size vehicles and range in price and availability from city to city and company to company.


The majority of car rental companies now provide some sort of toll pass option for your rental. These options will allow the renter to go directly through electronic toll payment lanes.

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