Rules of the Road - Driving on the Left

Unlike North America, many countries have traffic laws or rules of the road, where one must drive on the left-hand side of the road. The cars in these countries are manufactured so that the driver sits on the right-hand side of the car.

Take your time and use caution if you rent a car in one of these locations!  Accidents are never easy... especially in a foreign country and in a strange car!  (Often it will be recommended that you have collision insurance -- check your personal coverages, credit card coverages, and damage waivers that may be sold by the rental car company to find your best coverage options  -- remember, these are optional.  If something happens to your rental vehicle you are ultimately financially responsible.

The following are countries that require you to drive on the left hand side of the road.

1. Anguilla

2. Antigua and Barbuda

3. Australia   

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4. Bahamas

5. Bangladesh

6. Barbados

7. Bermuda

8. Bhutan

9. Botswana

10. Brunei

11. Cayman Islands

12. Christmas Island (Australia)

13. Cook Islands

14. Cyprus

15. Dominica

16. East Timor

17. Falkland Islands

18. Fiji

19. Grenada

20. Guernsey (Channel Islands)

21. Guyana

22. Hong Kong

23. India

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24. Indonesia

25. Ireland

26. Isle of Man

27. Jamaica

28. Japan

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29. Jersey (Channel Islands)

30. Kenya

31. Kiribati

32. Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Australia)

33. Lesotho

34. Macau

35. Malawi

36. Malaysia

37. Maldives

38. Malta

39. Mauritius

40. Montserrat

41. Mozambique

42. Namibia

43. Nauru

44. Nepal

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46. Niue

47. Norfolk Island (Australia)

48. Pakistan

49. Papua New Guinea

50. Pitcairn Islands (Britain)

51. Saint Helena

52. Saint Kitts and Nevis

53. Saint Lucia

54. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

55. Seychelles

56. Singapore

57. Solomon Islands

58. South Africa

59. Sri Lanka

60. Suriname

61. Swaziland

62. Tanzania

63. Thailand

64. Tokelau (New Zealand)

65. Tonga

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