Renting a Car in Austin
to Travel into Mexico

Zack asks:

re: renting a car in Austin to travel into Mexico - I am interested in renting a car in Austin, Tx. and driving to Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. What are the stipulations for travelling across the border? Which companies allow this and what are the insurance requirements?

My Response: 

I checked with various car rental companies re: travel into Mexico, specifically when 

r enting a car in Austin, TX

Here's what I found: (links open in a new window)

Alamo does not allow their vehicles to be driven into Mexico.does not allow their vehicles to be driven into Mexico. does not allow travel into Mexico. has restrictions about renting a car to travel into Mexico.... you can only do it from certain locations.

Here are all the details/restrictions/terms of rental that I could find about that:

With Budget, Renting a car in Austin to travel into Mexico, would not be available.

Budget locations in Texas which allow driving into Mexico, include:

Brownsville, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Harlingen, Laredo and McAllen

and cars rented from these locations can only be taken in the “Free Trade Zone” (approximately 20 miles across the border, and including the Baja Penisula) and you must purchase Mexican insurance. (this averages between $25-$30 per day). does not allow their vehicles to be driven into Mexico. lists no general guidelines. They state that you must contact the individual city location from which you wish to rent, in order to determine their policies regarding crossing international borders, including availability and insurance requirements. You would have to contact a local location about renting a car in Austin to travel into Mexico. states that travel into Mexico is only available at specific Hertz locations. They do not allow for policy search on this that would be specific to renting a car in Austin.

Hertz's site states that renters need to check directly with the location they are picking the car up from to request authorization and to purchase a mandatory Mexican Insurance Policy. The basic Mexican insurance coverage allows travel up to 250 miles into Mexico.

National and > do not offer travel into Mexico from any of their US locations.

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