One Way Rental Cars in Florida

Dan asks:

I'm looking at one-way rental cars in Florida. Can I pick up/return at different cities within Florida without a drop charge? I want a mid size car in Fort Lauderdale to drop off in Miami.

My Response: 

When I worked as a reservation agent it was possible to find one-way rental cars in Florida, without a one-way fee. It appears, now, that this is not the case.

Whether it's a result of finacial hard times for rental car companies due to the economy, or just that it's the summer peak travel season, I'm not sure. I did some checking for your cities, dates and times, on a midsize car, (I assumed noon pick up and return times and no discount code) airport to airport.

I could get rates for all the companies I checked, except Enterprise. opens in a new window) does not offer the option to check pricing

online for one-way rental cars. When I tried, information was given that if picking up an Enterprise vehicle in Florida, you are allowed return it to select locations throughout the state of Florida. In order to book an Enterprise one-way rental in Florida, you need to call (866)-307-1773.

All the companies I checked charged a one way fee within Florida,  Of all the ones I checked, and > (each opens in a new window) seemed to give the best rate,

 for this particular one-way rental in Florida, based on the rates at the time I checked, but, this is without knowing the fee for Enterprise.   I suggest giving Enterprise a call to check their one-way rate, as well. Comparing all possible options will help you to get the best rate.

Hope this helps, thanks for your question and good luck with your rental! 

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