Rental Car Insurance Coverage 

There are many questions about and conflicting opinions on rental car insurance. It's important to do your research. Common questions include: 

  • Do I really need to purchase damage waivers at the rental counter?

  • Am already covered by my personal auto's policy?

  • Doesn't my credit card offer coverage for a rental car?

Rental car insurance rates are expensive! It sometimes costs more per day than the rate on the rental vehicle itself! Many renters are unsure about what to do when it comes to accepting or declining an agency's coverages and waivers. 

Most of the indecision comes from not knowing what their personal or business auto insurance covers while they are renting a vehicle. Many people assume that they have auto insurance for a rental car through their credit card

The renter of a car is fully responsible for any loss (theft) of the vehicle as well as any damage that occurs to the vehicle during your rental period. 

I will provide information and tips on each area of car rental insurance, either using your own or purchasing coverage from the rental companies, in each of the following links. 

Before you purchase or decline coverage, you should first check 

Your Personal Auto Insurance Coverages

Find out what you need to know about whether or not your own personal automobile insurance coverage extends to your rental car. 

Your Possible Credit Card Coverages

Some credit cards provide a certain type of rental car insurance coverage. It's important to know if you have coverage and if there are any restrictions. 

If you've decided that your existing personal automobile insurance coverage is not fully adequate, you'll be faced with a variety of products to purchase. 

Buying Rental Car Insurance  

Here are the basic types of optional auto rental insurance coverage, and waivers, that are offered by most major car rental companies. Click for more informatin on: 

SLI (supplemental liability insurance) or ALI (Additional Liability Insurance) 

CDW (collision damage waiver) and LDW (loss damage waiver). 

PAI, PEC and/or PEP (Personal Accident Insurance and Personal Effects Coverage or Protection) 

The bottom line is check into everything!!

If you don’t need to purchase the optional auto insurance for a rental car, you will certainly save money, but only if you are truly covered. 

Making sure that you are well-informed about rental car insurance, will help you to make educated decisions that are in your own best interest -- you don't want any unpleasant surprises if you happen to be involved in any type of accident or incident with the vehicle that you've rented.

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