Rental Car Insurance Coverage through Mastercard

Phyllia asks:

Re: Does my Mastercard credit card offer Rental Car Insurance Coverage?

I do not own a car. I have rented from Enterprise several times already. I use Bank of America Master Card to rent the car. In the past I pay for the collision insurance just in case of an accident. Should I be purchasing this insurance since I am using a major credit card to pay for the rental?

My Response: 

You shouldn't need to purchase rental car insurance coverage (ie. the loss damage waiver or collision waiver) from the car rental company if your Bank of America 

Mastercard includes such coverage as part of your benefits package.

You should be able to access this online or request this information from the credit card issuer. Just make sure that you're aware of all the terms and conditions of your coverage for the rental car collision insurance, such as:

- Maximum length of the rental

- Geographic Restrictions (is coverage valid for the country you will rent in)

- maximum coverage (Is there a maximum $ value of vehicle they cover )

- vehicle restrictions (do they cover minivans, SUV's ... or just regular cars)

- do they cover Loss of Use, theft, car rental company admistrative fees, towing, etc.

- Is the amount (if an accident) charged to credit card (think interest rates and charges if you go over your credit limit) and then you have to submit a claim for reminbursement or is any charge submitted on the credit card, by the car rental company, automatically taken care of by your Mastercard rental car collision coverage.

- Is Coverage primary or secondary

I believe that you'll find that your coverage through your Mastercard will be adequate to your needs; but I believe in being fully informed before making the decision NOT to purchase the Loss Damage Waiver offered through the car rental company itself.

You can call the MasterCard Assistance Center 1-800-307-7309 for more information.

Hope this helps.

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