Can I take a rental car from the US to Canada, & travel back to the US?

Jackie asks:

I am a Canadian Citizen and a permanent resident of the US. Can I take a rental car from the US to Canada and then travel back to the US?

My Response: 

I called a representative from the Canadian Border Services agency about this rental car

 policy question. He said that for you, bringing a rental car into Canada from the United States is no problem at all - the determining factor on being able to take a rental car across the border and into Canada is your country of residence rather than your citizenship status.

Basically, Canadian Law prevents a Canadian "resident" from bringing a US owned car into Canada.

He confirmed that in your case, although you are a Canadian citizen, you would be considered a US resident NOT a Canadian resident and therefore you will have no issue with being able to transport your rental car from the US to Canada and back.


According to a Toronto Sun Article, beginning June 1/2012, Changes to the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act will now allow Canadians to drive a vehicle that is rented in the United States into Canada (for up to 30 days). Check with your rental car provider of choice for more details.

You can find information about many aspects of crossing the Canadian Border (travel tips, entry requirements, prohibited and restricted goods, etc )at

Canada Border Services Agency

You must make sure that you have permission from the car rental company you're renting from to take the rental car into Canada and make sure to have your rental agreement as well as any documentation required by border patrol. 

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