Rental Car for Drivers Test?

Brittany asks:

Is is ok to use a rental car for drivers test? I'm 17, but my parents will rent the car and will put me on as an additional driver. They're both over 25. Our family vehicle is a truck and I don't want to take my test in a truck!

My Response: 

Well, I wouldn't want to take a dmv test in a truck either!

But, I'm sorry, even if your parents are fully qualified to rent a car (valid drivers license, credit card, over 25), the car rental companies require that all additional drivers must meet the same requirements as a renter, and they have to complete and sign an additional driver form at the rental counter.

Car Rental Additional Drivers 

Age Requirements

Even if you were old enough to be an authorized additional driver and had the required credit identification to show at the rental counter, because you don't have a full, valid drivers license, you would not qualify as an additional driver, for any rental car company and cannot drive a rental car for drivers test -- or at all.

I would suggest contacting local driver training or driver education companies in your area (try doing a search on yellow often these companies have programs where if you purchase training time, you're able to use one of their training cars for your drivers license test. 

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