Types of Rental Car Discount Coupons 

Rental car discount coupons are a great tool  to lower the price on your reservation. With a little time and some internet research, they're not very difficult to find. 

Rental car coupon codes can be found in your yellow pages, certain magazines and in coupon books.

If you are a member of an affiliation or membership program that has a partnership with one or more companies, you may often be sent auto rental coupons in the mail or with your monthly newsletter.

Many rental websites now offer special car rental discount offers for their own site. These are sometimes called e-coupons. When using internet offers, make sure to check whether it is a "paperless" offer (where you only need use the code provided) or if you must print a coupon and present in at the rental counter at the time of pick up.

There are also internet sites that are dedicated to providing coupon codes for travel and  all types of purchases. Click here for information on finding Free Rental Car Coupon Codes.

There are several types of discount coupons that are commonly available.

Decide which type works best for you and your rental; and don't forget to read the terms and conditions, to make sure that it will be valid for your reservation.

Coupon Offers Through Car Rental Deals Online

At any given time, you can find various deals and offers that give you the value of a rental car discount coupon, without having to physically carry one.

We offer listings of Current Deals on Rental Cars through our partners. 

Discount Coupons for Dollars Off

Dollars off rental car discount coupons can range from $5 to $50 off your total rental price. (the value always comes off at the end of the rental after the taxes and fees are calculated)

The amount of money off usually depends on the number of rental days and sometimes the size of the vehicle you are renting. Most money off coupons will be valid only on weekly or weekend rentals. See the terms and conditions for specifics.(Make sure to get out your magnifying glass!)

A weekly rental is commonly a rental period of 5 or more days that include a Saturday night. A weekend rental usually consists of a minimum of three days, maximum of 5. They usually must begin some time on a Thursday or Friday and end before close of business on Sunday or Monday.

Most rental car coupon codes only work on compact, mid or full size cars. There are a few out there that will work on an SUV or minivan. Sizes available will normally be listed on the back.

If the deal is for $$ off a long-term rental, that's usually for 30 days or more.

Free Day(s) Rental Car Discount Coupons

You usually find free day coupons for compact up to full size cars, for weekly or weekend rentals. To calculate the value of the free day you would take your base rate (before taxes) and divide it by the number of rental days. This gives you an average daily rate.

This amount would be taken off at the end of the rental (taxes and fees are calculated first!). 


When booking online, the value of money off or free day coupons for rental cars is often not calculated into your total price. The website should tell you whether or not the free day or money off is included in your total. If it is not included, the value will be subtracted at the end of the rental when you pay for it, assuming you met the terms and conditions that were listed.

Free Upgrade Coupons

Free Upgrade rental car discount coupons are either single upgrade or double upgrade. For example if a rental company classifies its' sizes from

compact - mid - standard - full - premium

and you wanted a full size; you would book the mid-size and may receive a single upgrade to a standard size car or a double upgrade to a full size car.

That's right, I said MAY. Most coupons for rental cars state some variation of "The upgraded car is subject to availability at the time of rental".

Upgrades are not guaranteed. Keep this in mind if you require a certain size. If you need a full size, book it and upgrade to a premium. If the price of the full size is more than you would like, book the full size and use a money off offer instead.

Bonus Mile Auto Rental Coupons

There are programs like frequent flyer memberships or hotel programs that will offer you coupons that will give you bonus miles or points when you rent a car, on top of the regular miles or credits you can earn with your car rental.  As with all offers, make sure that your rental meets the terms and conditions. Some companies charge a frequent flyer miles surcharge if you collect miles on your rental. Check with the rental car company to see if and what this charge would be. 

Most car rental coupons have a discount code on them as well. 

If it's from an association or reward program that offers member or association discount code, that you belong to - you can use it for extra savings!

One of the most important things are the terms and conditions; usually listed on the back. You will want to look at these to make sure that whatever deal you want to use is valid for the rental that you are planning. Here is breakdown of common terms and conditions for car rental discount coupons.

Most rent a car coupon offers are limited to specific car types and sizes, unless it states that it is for “all car sizes” or "any car size".

Most offers specify a minimum and a maximum rental length or rental period. Make sure that your rental conforms to these restrictions.

You may normally only use one coupon per rental.

Most auto rental coupons will not work on a one-way rental.

Check for date restrictions. Most offers will require an advance reservation and are only available for a specified length of time. The majority have an expiration date. Look for terms such as “Available through” a certain date (must be booked and rented before such date). This will sometimes be worded as “Offer expires by…” or “Rental must begin by…”

Look for the term “blackout dates” Most car rental companies restrict their acceptance of coupons at peak times and holidays. Keep in mind that peak times can vary by location. If there is an annual large convention in a certain city and the rental locations are extremely busy they will generally blackout most or all specials for that time. This applies to large events as well (example: Nascar Events, PGA tour events, Mardi Gras, etc.) If the blackout dates are not listed, you should be able to call or contact the rental company to find out the specifics. 

Most rental car discount coupons are available at “participating locations” and usually restricted to certain countries. Check the terms and conditions for these restrictions.

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