Rental Car Coupons

Rental car coupons can be your best friend.  It's like money in your pocket!

Make sure the coupon you want to use fits your rental, or make the rental fit the offer if that would be of more value.  

Look for coupons in the yellow pages, in magazines and online. 

One good source that I saw during my 8 years as a reservation agent, were the Entertainment Book coupons for car rental.

These books offer discount codes for members and various coupons, for most of the major car rental companies in cities across the United States and Canada. 

Types of Coupons for Car Rentals

Money Off 

Car Rental Free Day(s)

Free Upgrades

Bonus Frequent Flyer Miles 

See Coupons Overview For a breakdown and specific tips on different types of common offers.

There are websites dedicates specifically for finding internet coupons... some dedicated to car rental coupons alone! 

Click here to find out how to find Free Coupon Codes

Keep your coupons in one place and grab them before you call or go online to book. 

Make sure that you meet the terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are generally on the back of the coupon.... in really, really small print!! 

Get out your magnifying glass! 

Make sure that the coupon has not expired. The rental must start before the date of expiration (if stated).

Also, check to verify that the location you want to rent from participates. Is it for airport rentals only? Does it work in other countries? Most coupons have a discount code associated with them as well. Discounts and coupons go together! Making the most of them can save you money on your rental car! 

Check Out These Car Rental Coupon Offers!

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