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Oscar asks:

Are there any companies that let you to take a rental car between Mexico and the United States? I am an American Citizen living in Mazatlan, Mexico and work in the tourism industry. I plan on taking a flight from Mazatlan to Tijuana, rent a car in Tijuana cross the border to San Diego/Los Angeles and return to Tijuana where i have my return flight to Mazatlan. Is this possible?

My Response: 

I checked potential reservations (rate quotes) for Tijuana with Alamo, Avis, Hertz, 

National and Thrifty websites -  All quotes had unlimited km and none listed any restrictions for taking the rental car between the two countries.

I contacted reservation reps from Alamo , Avis , Hertz (links open in new windows))and National to see if they knew of any such geographic

 restrictions for rentals originating in Mexico. None was aware of any, but all agents suggested that you confirm with an employee of the specific rental car location in Tijuana that you would potentially rent from to see if there were any problems with taking a rental car between Mexico and the United States. 

The quote from > stated "Only rentals from the Cities of Tijuana, Mexicali and Monterrey are allowed to

cross the border into USA and need to purchase additional liability insurance at a cost of US$6.00 per day."


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