Rent an SUV or Large Car for
a One Way Trip?

Bryan asks:

I need to rent an SUV or large car for a one way trip from Phoenix, AZ to Arlington, VA.

I will need the car for 7-10 days. What is the most affordable option?

My Response:

I would think that a renting a large car would be a more affordable option, but it may

depend on how large of a car
you're looking at
. A regular full size
car rental may be more affordable
than an SUV, but a premium or luxury
car category may cost more.

In your search to rent an SUV or
large car for a one-way trip, your
best bet is to compare several companies for the pickup and
drop off locations, and dates and
times and for various car rental sizes
to see which will be your more
affordable option... not to mention

  your best available option -- it can be difficult to find availability for SUV's on a oneway rental. As far as the time frame, a seven day one way car rental will be less expensive than 10 days.

I don't provide quotes (prices change too quickly) but I checked for rate examples for the first week of October to see if I could answer your question: (opens in a new window)

to rent an SUV or Large car for a one way trip from Phx, AZ to Arlington, VA

For 7 days, the full size car was cheapest , a premium car was next with the SUV being the most expensive.

For 10 days for the full size, SUV or Premium car the price was almost $1000 more for 10 days than for 7 days. That's a significant increase for 3 extra days. (For 10 days, the price on the premium car and SUV was the same, with the full size car being slightly cheaper).

So, for Avis, 7 days is definitely a better deal and the SUV would only be about $150 more than a full size car. You have to weigh the cost difference against your vehicle preference and the extra gas costs for an SUV.

When I checked other car rental companies (links open in new windows):

Alamo , Budget , Dollar , Enterprise , National and Thrifty - no location in Arlington, VA

Hertz -- several locations in Arlington, but no availability for a one way rental

Hope this helps!

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