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Rent a Vehicle for Towing
in Los Angeles

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Annalisa asks:

Re: Rent a vehicle for towing

Hi there, I've just been looking through your site, and there's lots of great info. However, I am a bit stuck at the moment. We are coming over from New Zealand to LA in the summer, and we want to rent a pick-up truck or towing vehicle so we can hire a travel trailer.

We need it for 6 months with unlimited miles returning back to LA. We don't want an RV. Does any company specialise in this, or it just doesn't exist? Thank you so much for your help.

My Response: 

None of the car rental companies (Avis, Budget, Alamo, Dollar, Hertz, Enterprise, etc) rent towing vehicles.  Their contracts specifically forbid one from towing anything behind one of their cars or trucks.

You would be better off actually checking for companies that rent trucks specifically for towing.

I checked truck rental for towing information for Los Angeles (I did a search on yellowpages.com) and found 2 companies that provide such vehicles:

Bandago -- But they only have 9-15 passenger vans (I'm sure that's bigger than what you need)


RV Central 

Their website states:

"We will provide a towing equipped vehicle for your enjoyment that you can tow behind the motorhome/caravan you have rented from us." --

this might be worth checking out!

Hope this helps!

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