Rent a Car without Driving It
Using my Credit Card?

Tova asks:

re: Rent a Car without Driving it

We want to rent a car with a credit card that is on my name, yet I do not intend to ever drive it. My husband will be doing the driving. Is this a problem?

My Response: 

As long as you are present at the counter to physically rent the car, It should be no 

problem for your only your  husband to drive, as long as he meets the additional driver
requirements set forth by the particular  company that you rent from.  See 
Company Specific Car Rental  Additional Driver Policy 

He (and anyone else whom you may sign onto your contract) is always considered an additional  driver, even if you never drive the vehicle. Even when you rent a car without driving it you`re the renter. When you rent a car with a credit card in your name, you are

responsible for the vehicle and must also meet the minimum age and drivers license requirement. Any additional drivers that you wish to have drive the vehicle must meet the same requirements. He must meet the minimum age requirement, have a valid drivers license and a credit card in his own name. He will be required to complete and sign an additional driver form at the rental counter.

Keep in mind that some car rental companies may charge an extra fee for a spouse to drive, while some do not. 

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