Rent a car with Points on my UK
Drivers License

Karen asks:

I am enquiring if I can still rent a car with points on my UK drivers license. I have an IN10 6 points on my licence which was happened in November, three years ago. I got insurance on the same day I was stopped & have done so since.

Will this affect my chances of hiring a car till the points are removed? Please advise. Thanks

My Response:

Here's what I found about this subject when I did some research with 

Alamo , Avis , Budget , Dollar , Enterprise , Hertz ,National, Sixt & Thrifty (links open in new windows)for UK endorsed licenses:

Hertz :

that for codes DD, DR and UT AND disqualifications of 12 months or more, the endorsement must be at least 5 years old from the date of expiry.

If you have disqualifications that are of less than 12 months, and those from speeding or accumulation of points, one would be allowed to rent from the date of endorsement expiry.

For all other codes you must add all penalty points - if you have 11 points or less (over a three year period) your licence may be accepted.


Renters may still rent from Avis with 6 points or below. If you have more than 6 points or have a DD, DR or BA that is less than 10 years old you should contact the location you want to rent from to determine if you can rent from them.

Budget & Dollar

mentions nothing about points.. websites state that renters must have held a full clean licence for at least one year.  I would suggest contacting directly a location where you are looking to rent to verify the policy regarding points on your license.

Alamo & National

For rentals in the UK, rental privileges are denied if a driving licence is suspended or the renter's record includes one of the following:

•Endorsements commencing UT

•Any endorsements commencing IN10 in the past four years

•Endorsements commencing DD/DR (one only) in the past five years

•Endorsements CD40 / CD50 / CD60 / CD70 in the past five years

•Any licence with two or more periods of disqualification

•Any other conviction with a period of disqualification of 6 months or more in the past five years


no mention of points.. website states "All drivers must have a valid non-expired driving license and photographic identification to be produced at the time of rental. Two part license holders must produce both parts."  I would suggest contacting directly a location where you are looking to rent to verify the policy regarding points on your license.


For Renters 25 years and older, Licence endorsements up to 9 points are accepted. If the driver has been banned from driving for a DD, DR or UT offence, rental is only allowed  5 years or more after the return of the licence.

Drivers aged 21-24 must hold a full licence for at least 24 months which is free of endorsements.

Drivers must be aged 30 to 75 to rent a luxury, prestige or Porsche vehicle and have a licence for at least 24 months that is free of endorsements.


Rental is not permitted, if you have above 6 points or have a DD, DR or BA endorsement that is within less than 5 years 

Hope this helps!

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