Rent a 16 foot Cube Truck

Ron asks:

Hi, I wanted to know how much would it cost to rent a 16 foot cube truck from Ottawa,Ontario,Canada, to Orlando,Florida.

My Response: 

When looking for prices on moving van rental or truck rental, the internet is your best friend! Check for multiple companies in your area for availability and pricing, to make sure you find the best deal.

It can be difficult to find a one way truck rental to rent a 16 feet cube truck from Canada to the United States.

Because rates can change so quickly, based on availibility, it's impossible for me to give you specific pricing information that would be accurate.

I can check availability, to see if there are any companies that will actuallly allow you to rent a 16 foot cube truck in Canada to take to the US.

I checked for truck rental and moving van rental companies in the Ottawa area; this is what I found: (keep in mind that availability can vary depending on the dates and times that you're looking for)

Budget (opens in a new window)-- no drop off in Orlando available

Discount Car and Truck rental - no option for a one way truck rental to Orlando

National Car and Truck Rental - no option for a one way moving van or truck to Orlando

U Haul - They had no 16 foot trucks for rent, but I did find a 17 foot truck (holds up to 5780 pounds)

The pricing they gave includes up to 6 days of use and 2674 kilometers(any additional km are $0.40 each).

You can check pricing for specific dates, times and vehicles right on their website - (make sure to put in your postal code for the location search).

There was no mention on the UHaul website reservation system about whether or not their prices includes taxes. They did list a $5 environmental fee (details stated "The Customer money collected as an environmental fee is expended to reduce the negative impact of our business on future generations." They also list some examples of what those fees are used for (environmentally friendly cleaning products, for example).

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