Recommended to Rent a Car from Enterprise Location other than the Airport 

Donna asks:

Is it truly recommended to rent a car from Enterprise location other than the airport location?Should one never rent at an airport, and why?

My Response: 

While I wouldn't say that it's a case of recommending that one not rent at an Enterprise 

Airport location --- it's more that if you're looking for a lower rate on your rental car, you should compare prices at an off airport or neighborhood location as well. They are usually cheaper than the Enterprise Airport location for the same city.

For example, I went to (opens in a new window) and checked prices for compact car for a week rental in March

 for a few random cities. Here are the results for pricing (including taxes and surcharges) for airport vs off airport location:

Miami Airport (MIA) $495.85
off airport (NW 27TH AVE) $223.59

Chicago Airport (ORD) $347.96
off airport (4940 RIVER RD) $214.74

Los Angeles Airport (LAX) $314.15
off airport (800 SOUTH LA BREA) $190.61

Atlanta Airport (ATL) $315.19
off airport (3907 MAIN STREET) $186.99

As you can see, off airport locations are cheaper for these cities and dates.

Also, if you're looking at weekend rentals, it's important to know that one of Enterprise's most popular specials...

$9.99 per day weekend rates ... is only available at neighborhood (off airport) locations.

Note: when it is recommended to rent a car from Enterprise location other than the airport location, in order to lower the price on your rental, you will also want to factor in the convenience factor and costs to you if you are flying in to the airport to rent an Enterprise car. There may be costs involved to get you to the off aiport location, as well as the extra time it will take before you can pick up the car. You will also need to know if the off airport location is open when you want to pick up the rental -- neighborhood location's hours are much more limited than airport locations.

Also, keep in mind that if you're flying out of an airport, when returning the car, you will have to factor in the extra time and expense to drop off at an off airport location (one way rentals are not permitted from neighborhood locations),and get yourself to the airport in time for your flight. Also, make sure to check if your off airport return location is open when you would need to return the car.

As you can see, off airport Enterprise locations are generally cheaper to rent from, but you must weigh other factors as well, in order to determine where you want to rent the car. 

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