Proof of Discount for Car Rental?

Beatrice asks:

I'm wondering if proof of discount is required for car rental. I've found a great discount code on a travel tips forum, that gives a really great rate. It is for some kind of professional association, which we don't belong to.

If a code is online, and available for anyone to see, doesn't that mean that we should be able to use it? Will they really ask for proof of membership for the discount? My friends say that none of the car rental companies ever check; is this true?

My Response: 

Well, while it may be true that the car rental company may not always check for proof of 

discount; they often do, and should. More and more, the rental agencies are requesting membership verification in order to give a discount car rental rate. That way, if the renter does not actually qualify for the lower price, they can, and will, charge the regular rate.  Discounts are negotiated with organizations and should only be used by qualified members.

In my opinion, it would be better to use a discount code through a membership that you actually belong to.

Hope this helps!

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