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Wade asks:

Where can I find a pickup truck rental for from Sept 21st to Sept 23rd in San Antonio? Do all the regular car rental companies offer pickup trucks? I don't want to have to go with a moving van rental, I just have a few things that I want to move across town. Thanks.

My Response: 

Not all regular car rental companies offer this kind of truck rental. I did some checking for the dates you're looking for (assuming a noon pickup and return, which would make a 2 day rental):

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Alamo.com offered a pickup truck rental at their airport location. You can check prices for pickup trucks right on their website.

Avis.com - No pickup trucks available

Budget.com - No pickup trucks available

Dollar.com - No pickup trucks available

Enterprise offered two locations which had availability.

Terms and conditions stated that "mileage is unlimited when vehicle remains in the renting state. If traveling outside of the state, mileage is charged at 200 free miles per day and .25 cents for each additional mile for the entire rental."

You can check pickup truck prices right on their website: Enterprise.com

Hertz offered a pickup truck rental for your dates at the following location -- You can check pricing for pickups right on Hertz.com

Alamo Heights HLE 1335 Northeast Loop 410 San Antonio, TX, US

National offered a pickup truck for your dates at their airport location, and the ability to check pricing directly through their website.

>Thrifty.com - no pickup trucks available

If you wanted to search for a pickup truck rental in San Antonio, from places other than regular car rental companies, you can also contact:

Penske Truck Rental (1-866-719-6745)

Capps Van & Truck Rental (1-800-969-9329)

Rent a Wreck (1-800-944-7501)

Hope this helps!

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