One Way Rental Car from Chicago
With No Drop Off Charge?

Robert asks:

Is there a way to get a one way rental car from Chicago to Detroit without having to pay for a drop off charge in Detroit?

My Response: 

There is basically only one way that I know of, to get a rental car one way from Chicago 

to Detroit without having to pay for a drop off charge; that would be to find a rental car in Chicago, from a company that WANTS a car dropped off in Detroit.

Because each rental location owns and manages their own fleet, drop off charges are levied to offset the cost of getting cars that are driven one way, returned back to the owning location.

If there was a car rental company in Chicago had a Detroit vehicle that needed to be taken back, they would be thrilled to have you do so and would give you a great price.

That being said, the chance of finding a one way rental car from Chicago that

- NEEDS to be taken to Detroit

- on the dates and times that you're looking for specifically

are very, very slim. But, you never know unless you ask!

I would suggest that you contact a local branch (call all that are in the area) and ask to speak with a manager. Explain your situation, and ask if they know if they will be receiving any one way rentals from Detroit in or around the time period that you're looking for. If they currently do not, ask if there is any way for you to be informed should one become available.

Good Luck... I hope you find something!

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