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 NYC Car Rental Locations

Harry asks:

about NYC Car Rental: I would like to rent a car for my next vacation. I live in New York city and want a car to drive around the eastern US. Can you provide me with New York car rental branch addresses?

My Response:

Hi Harry, Thanks for your question!

I've attempted to provide you a comprehensive listing.

There are over 55 different operating stations for car rental in NYC, over  and above the basic airport locations (LGA and JFK).  

I can't be sure that I got them all (and keep in mind that locations close, and new locations open all the time), but I hope this helps!

(Please Note:

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Avis Locations

68 EAST 11th STREET Phone: 212-593-8397
345 SOUTH END AVE Phone: 212-593-8395
220 WEST 31st STREET Phone: 646-733-5995
211 ATLANTIC AVENUE Phone: 718-522-7407
217 EAST 43rd STREET Phone: 212-593-8378
515 WEST 43rd STREET Phone: 646-473-0088
153 WEST 54th STREET Phone: 212-593-8469
310 EAST 64th STREET Phone: 212-593-8363
147 WEST 83rd STREET Phone: 212-362-0873
420 EAST 90th STREET Phone: 212-593-8368


& National Locations for Car Rental in NYC

(locations for both sites list the same addresses; I assume that they are somehow shared or dual locations)

142 EAST 31st STREET Phone: 212-447-5883
138-146 EAST 50th STREET Phone: 212-317-8649
305 EAST 80th STREET Phone: 212-452-1000
252 WEST 40th STREET Phone: 212-575-5400
219 WEST 77th STREET Phone: 646-981-1920

Budget NYC Car Rental Locations

152 EAST 87TH STREET Phone: 646-672-9694
304 WEST 49TH STREET Phone: 212-333-5901
225 EAST 43RD STREET Phone: 212-661-5906

Budget Locations for Car Rental in NYC

99 CHARLES STREET Phone: 866-434-2226
329 EAST 22ND STREET Phone: 866-434-2226
160 EAST 87TH STREET Phone: 866-434-2226

Enterprise NYC Car Rental Locations

667 11TH AVE Phone: 212-262-3231
12 WEST 48TH STREET Phone: 212-730-6151
221 THOMPSON STREET Phone: 212-533-2900
403 EAST 65TH STREET Phone: 212-717-2100
157 WEST 83RD STREET Phone: 212-873-7474
106 WEST 24TH STREET Phone: 212-647-9777
56 FULTON STREET Phone: 212-227-5050
290 LIVINGSTON STREET Phone: 718-488-8800
453 3RD AVE Phone: 718-369-5100
266 MCGUINNESS BLVD Phone: 718-349-7100
657 64TH STREET Phone: 718-836-0900
8014 FOSTER AVE Phone: 718-763-3101
2815 CONEY ISLAND AVE Phone: 718-332-8900
1212 CONEY ISLAND AVE Phone: 718-859-1200
2147 BATH AVENUE Phone: 718-265-3000
2235 FLATBUSH AVE Phone: 718-421-7409

Hertz Locations for Car Rental in NYC

20 MORRIS STREET Phone: 212-486-5935
12 EAST 13th STREET Phone: 212-486-5915
18 MORTON STREET Phone: 212-486-5395
222 EAST 40th STREET Phone: 212-486-5060
310 EAST 48th STREET 1st FlOOR Phone: 212-486-5901
323 WEST 34th STREET Phone: 212-486-5065
500 WEST 43rd STREET Phone: 212-486-5912
126 WEST 55th STREET Phone: 212-486-5925
270 WEST 60th STREET Phone: 212-486-5921
327 EAST 64th STREET Phone: 212-486-5916
355 EAST 76th STREET Phone: 212-486-5929
412 EAST 90th STREET Phone: 212-486-5923
210 WEST 77th STREET Phone: 212-486-5919
214 WEST 95th STREET Phone: 212-486-5914

Thrifty NYC Car Rental Locations

148 WEST 83 STREET Phone: (877) 283-0898

Other NYC Car Rental Companies:

Aamcar Discount Car Rental 315 WEST 96th STREET Phone: (877) 867-3260

Prestige Car Rental

148 EAST 33rd STREET Bt Lex & 3RD Phone: (212) 679-4747

Jolly Wheels Rent a Car

Serving Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens Phone: (800)558-9139


1202 LEXINGTON AVE Phone: (631) 498-8806

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