Car Rental No Show Policies
and Cancellations

No Show Policies and Cancellations of car rentals - what you should know!

Should you cancel your reservation if you don't want it?

Cancellations are always appreciated! When you do this, you allow the rental location to put that vehicle back into circulation for someone else to rent. 

When someone calls to cancel a reservation, it allows the company to manage their fleet more effectively.

Most of the time when you book a car, you are not required to give your credit card information. You may change your mind at any time with no penalty.

No Show Policies

For most rental companies there are situations where there will be a no show policy. This can be for certain specialty vehicles, for certain makes and models or for certain times of year. Some small locations have no show policies on all of their vehicles. The most common time when you need to know all details of no show policies and cancelllations is for prepaid car rentals.

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On a reservation with a no show policy, you will be required to provide your credit card number, mailing address and phone number. You will be required to give a certain amount of notice for cancellation (usually 24 to 48 hours). If you do not provide adequate notice for cancellation or do not show up to pick up the vehicle you will be charged a no show fee. This fee can vary by company and even by a particular location. 

If you must cancel without the required notice, due to extreme circumstances (example: a death in the family or the airline cancels your flight) call the customer service or customer relations department for that car rental company and request a waiver of the no show fee. 

Note: Please be extra careful when booking a prepaid reservation through a website like Hotwire or Priceline. These are great sites, where you can get great deals, but the reservations that you book and pay for in advance are non-cancellable, non-modifiable and non-refundable. Make sure you are aware of these any terms and conditions of these types of reservations - especially when it comes to no show policies and cancellations! 

Sometimes you just need to make changes! If you need to change a city or date or even the type of car, just do a modification of that item on your reservation, (often you can do this online, or just call in to the company's toll free number) rather than cancel and make a new reservation. 

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*Note: Car rental companies can modify policy at any time; I make every attempt to maintain up-to-date info, but always check with an individual company to verify any policy. See: Disclaimer

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