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Ashley asks:

RE: Moving Van Rental vs Minivan rental

I am moving from South Carolina to Tucson, AZ for graduate school. I can't seem to find anything in my price range. I have about a minivan's/large SUV's amount of belongings I need to move. Is it cheaper to use a truck/van company that's geared towards moving or a minivan from a regular car rental company?

My Response: 

I'm assuming that you would be doing a one way truck rental (not bringing the vehicle back)?

When looking at transporting items as opposed to passengers, looking at a moving van rental vs a minivan rental wouldn't really apply. The seats in a minivan rented from a regular car rental company cannot be removed... you're really better of looking at a moving truck rental. 

I checked into Budget (opens in a new window) and UHaul. For Budget Truck Rental, (closest locations were Seneca, Belton or Anderson) you would have to rent a 10 foot truck (cargo vans are not available for one way). The rate that I found included unlimited mileage.

With UHaul, the rates included up to 8 days and 2200 miles free.

Because rates can change from minute to minute, based on availibility, it's impossible for me to give you accurate pricing information. But I can tell you than when I checked examples of pricing from these two companies, the Budget Truck rental rate was the cheaper of the two, plus you get unlimited mileage.

I'm not sure if a moving van rental(vs minivan rental) would be any cheaper for you, as I don't know what you were quoted for the minivans or SUV's, but hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any more questions!

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