Lowest One Way Rental Car Drop Off Charge from Vegas to Phoenix

Alex asks:

Which company will give me the lowest one way rental car drop off charge from Vegas to Phoenix?

I am looking to rent a compact car July 15 at noon in Las Vegas and drop it off in Phoenix, Arizona on July 18 at noon. The drop off charge is very high. Is it better to rent for one day first?

My Response:

It can certainly be cheaper to have your one way as few days as possible. Especially in 

your situation, where the other two days that you would rent in Phoenix are on a weekend, so you can take advantage of possibly lower weekend rates.

I don't provide rate quotes (rates change so often, they are only accurate at the time you are searching and will depend and vary on which particular location in the pick up city that you will rent from) but I did a quick check for your two scenarios at airport locations --- a three day one way car rental from LAS to PHX and a one day rental from LAS to PHX and a two day rental in PHX... to see if I could determine the lowest one way rental car drop off charge (from Vegas to Phoenix) -- for your particular rental scenario. (Car rental company links open in a new window)

Avis -- Gives no pricing... it says if you need a one way car rental, you would need to discuss with the Avis location directly to determine if a one-way is possible. You would have to contact your preferred pickup location (airport or off-airport) in Las Vegas.

Budget -- No pricing available for the one way rental. It said "Sorry, but we don't allow rentals between those locations. "

For the full, 3 day one way rental, the lowest one way car rental drop off charge (the full price of the rental) was with Fox, followed by Hertz, Dollar, National, Alamo and then Thrifty.

To split the rental into two separate rentals, the cheapest company was Alamo... the cost for the two separate Alamo rentals was $130 cheaper than the full three days with Fox -- (which had the lowest one way car rental drop off charge for the full three days). A lower rate was also given for the two seperate rentals by Enterprise, Hertz and National (but not as cheap as Alamo).

There was no savings with Dollar, Fox or Thrifty for making two seperate rentals... all three companies charge a flat one way car rental fee or drop off charge, regardless of whether the one way rental was for one day or for three days.

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