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Marianne asks:

Re: long term rental discounts:

My husband and I are going to Davis CA where he is going to do research at the university for 10 weeks. We arrive in SFO on November 20 and leave from SFo on January 22.

I have been searching the internet to find a good bargain on a rental car, but cannot find any long term rental discounts. We need a medium size car. Do you have any advice? We live in Denmark and are both 64 years old. I am a retired Scandinavian Airlines crew member.

My Response:

Discounts for monthly car rentals are hard to find!

The first thing I like to do is quickly compare multiple rental companies.

First I checked with a booking engine (Travelocity) so I could compare several companies at once. I checked SFO From Nov 20th at 12 noon to Jan 22 12 noon

According to that search, the cheapest was Budget.


This brought the rate down even more.

I know that Budget also offers a discount for seniors (renters over 55).

I went directly to - (opens in a new window) - and entered the generic senior rate code (I called in to a Budget res line to ask for the code) in the box that asks for the optional offer code (BCD)

and checked for a midsize for the same dates and times as a resident of Denmark, using a generic senior car rental discount code  and got an even better rate.

I also wanted to check Avis, because I know that they used to have a long term rental discount coupon for $50 off monthly rentals


If that coupon is available, iit automatically puts in a car rental discount code and coupon #                                                                                                                                                    Avis also offers a senior discount as well. But even after checking those two options, Budget  was still the cheapest rate that I could find.

Hope this helps!

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