What are the Insurance Costs for
Renting a Car from Hertz?

Tim asks:

re: insurance costs for renting a car from Hertz

I'm interested in renting a car from Hertz and I have priced the car but it does not list the extra costs that they always surprise you with at the front desk. I know there are insurance costs but don't know how much. I will be driving to another state and back so I wanted to get a breakdown and not have to scramble for extra money to cover especially since I will have to pay for gas.

My Response: 

You most likely would be looking to get prices for LDW for the rental car. That is the rental car insurance coverage that Hertz sells that will cover you for any loss or damage 

to the vehicle (provided you've complied with all terms of your rental agreement). If you look at the rental qualifications and requirements link (on the bottom page of step 3 on a rate quote on Hertz.com (opens in a new window)

Hertz states that the cost of LDW may be different depending on the rental location and car type and is charged for each day of rental.

Renters are not required to purchase LDW or any other optional service as a condition of rental with Hertz.

A renters own personal insurance or credit cards may offer comparable coverage and you should check to see if you already have any protection against loss or damage to the Hertz rental car.

Read more about Car Rental CDW and LDW Coverages and Personal Auto Insurance Coverage

If you want to check the insurance costs for renting a car from Hertz, go to Hertz.com and

step 1 - plug in your cities, dates and times

step 2 - pick your car size and click pay later

step 3 - Pick Xtras (if any) -- scroll down to bottom of the page and click submit.

If you look at the far right column (Price details for your rate) you should see a link at the bottom of that section that states:

More details about your quote

Click on the link that says View Optional Items, to see a list of and pricing for the various optional rental car insurance coverage purchases that will be made available to you at the rental counter. If no list is provided, you should call a reservation rep for assistance.

I hope this helps you determine the insurance costs for renting a car from Hertz for your particular rental.

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