Hertz Moving Truck Rental

When you need to rent a truck for a move (big or small) Hertz moving truck rental offers everything you need to transport your belongings safely.

There are 3 basic sizes of Hertz rental trucks available (all sizes may not be available at all Hertz locations):

15', 20' and 24' trucks are available for rent at most locations.

It can be hard to decide exactly what size moving truck you need. You don't want a bigger truck than necessary... but you definitely need to make sure that all your stuff will fit!!

If you're not sure what size truck rental that you would need, HertzTrucks.com has a great tool, called a truck and van guide that allows you to go through a listing of common furnishings and items:

  • coaches
  • chairs
  • tables
  • dressers
  • tvs and appliances
  • various size boxes

You can pick how many of each item (as well as the size of them) you will need to move, and then the program on the website helps you to calculate what size truck rental you would require for the amount of stuff you have, (also taking into account the size of the items you're looking to transport).

With Hertz rental trucks, you also have to option to purchase other moving supplies if you need them. Throught Hertz's website for rented moving trucks you have to option to be able to purchase:

  • various size cardboard moving boxes
  • furniture pads
  • plastic covers
  • bubble wrap
  • packing tape and packing tape dispensers
  • rope
  • appliance and hand trucks
  • gloves to protect your hands... and more!
  • In order to qualify for a moving truck rental from Hertz, you must be at least 25 years old, with a valid drivers license and credit card.

    One way rentals are not available with Hertz rental trucks.

    There was no listing of how many Hertz truck rental locations are available in North America, but you can search for the local telephone number, maps and directions of the closest location to you by city and state.

    If you're looking for Hertz rental trucks in Canada, you can call 


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