Hertz Car Rental Coupon

Stacey asks:

Where can I find a Hertz car rental coupon? I'm checking prices for an upcoming rental this summer and I'd like to find out how I can get a discount on the Hertz car rental rates I'm seeing.

My Response:

The Hertz car rental company also offers special offers (like an
"e-coupon") on their own website... you don't even have to show a paper coupon... just make sure that your rental meets all the terms and conditions of the offer.

Hint: there is a link on the navigation tab for all offers on Hertz.com -- go there first to view all the current Hertz car rental discount coupons and deals that are available. Common savings include weekend deals, weekly specials as well as deals on certain vehicle types.

You can use other websites to get discounts on Hertz rates by looking at any specials that may be available. There are sites that may offer free Hertz car rental discount coupons. We've listed some popular sites for finding Free Coupon Codes

You may be able to get a Hertz car rental coupon in the Entertainment Book... there are tons of travel related coupons.. just search for books on Entertainment.com

Even if you can't find a Hertz car rental coupon, you can always try using a Hertz Discount Codes. Various membership programs and professional associations that you have may have discounts with Hertz and may be able to discount the Hertz rates for your next rental.

Hope this helps!

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