Get Frequent Renter Benefits with
Car Rental Reward Programs

Frequent renter benefits or car rental reward programs are offered to renters by rental companies for a variety of reasons.

By rewarding frequent renters with special benefits, program offers and car rental rewards; they can build customer loyalty and make your rental experience easier and faster and can often provide you with specials, savings and rewards. 

Competition is the name of the game and where there is often not a lot of difference between base rates of certain car sizes with different companies, their membership rewards and benefits for their frequent renters can be the deciding factor. 

For an overview of the rewards and benefits offered by different car rental programs, check out our page on Member Benefits - Car Rental Company Frequent Renter Programs

Some car renters have one company that they rent with all the time, but more and more renters will choose the rental company that best fits their needs and budget for a particular rental.

There are many renters who have memberships with one or two companies for business travel and will use others for their leisure and vacation travel.

The majority of benefits are similar with all companies, but some offer more! Most frequent renter programs are provided free of charge and are easily accessible online .

If you rent even semi-frequently you should look into joining a frequent renter benefits program with at least one car rental company. I would join as many as you can. This will give you the opportunity to quickly research which car rental company will give you the best deal and benefits to fit your general needs or the needs for a specific rental.

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