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Tom asks:

re: Car Rental Discount Coupons

I live in Charlotte, NC and I have entertainment book coupons for car rental. I'm looking to rent a car in Las Vegas this fall and was wondering if I will be able to use the rental car coupons in a different city.

My Response:

You can use the car rental coupons from the entertainment book at any participating auto rental location nationwide

The Charlotte book has car rental discount coupons for Alamo , Avis , Budget , Hertz , National and Thrifty (links open in new windows); you've got a great selection of rental car coupons to choose from! Just make sure to read the back of any coupon for the terms and conditions. You'll want to make sure that the code that you want to use will be applicable and honored at the rental counter.

You can normally enter the coupon codes onto any participating rental car company websites; if you want to be sure of availability of the offer, you may wish to call the rental car company's toll free reservation line to verify.  

You can do this after booking a reservation online (just make sure to have your booking number or res number ready - they usually require that as well as your last name in order to pull up your order in their system), or you can just have the reservation rep check availability and reserve the rental for you.

Keep in mind that you should bring the coupon with you to give to the counter agent and make sure to use it by the expiration date listed on the back!

Best of luck with your travel this fall.

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