Enterprise Car Rental Monthly Discounts

Mary asks:

Can I get the Enterprise car rental monthly discount ($75 off) when I join the Program Plus club? Also, I was wondering if I get any free upgrades on a monthly rental car with Enterprise?

My Response: 

The discounts available for a long term rental car with Enterprise and the benefits given 

to Program Plus members are two separate things.

When looking at the discount offered for an Enterprise car rental monthly... the information on

Enterprise.com (opens in a new window)


stated that you can recieve:

•$25 off the 2nd full month
•$50 off the 3rd full month
•$75 off the 4th full month and all full months after that.

(Note: minimum 30 days rental required to be considered a month)

So, if you have a monthly rental car with Enterprise you would get:

30 - 59 day rental -- no additional discount

60 - 89 day rental - $25 off

90 - 119 day rental - $50 off

120 - 149 day rental - $75 off

150 - 179 day rental - $150 off

180 - 209 day rental - $225 off

.... etc.

I couldn't find anything on the Plus program that stated anything about a free upgrade, the Enterprise Plus Program info says you get

•Free membership
•faster reservations & rentals
•special members line at airport locations
•special offers email extras subscription

I would ask about a free upgrade at the time of pickup... it's rare to be able to book a free upgrade in advance.

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