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Joyce asks:

re: Enterprise american express rewards certificates -- I am renting a car from Enterprise for four days. I have an amex car rental certificate for $50.00 I am using the american express website to book my rental, but I don't see any place to put the certificate number from the amex coupon on the reservation. How do I do that?

My Response:

According to the page on the amex rewards site that deals with car rental rewards certificates for Enterprise (opens in a new window)

When you're at the place to Redeem Membership Rewards for Certificates, you need to click the Add to Cart button (on your left) to request your certificate(s).

Note: If you select electronic delivery, you will receive an e-mail within three hours. If you select standard delivery, it may take up to 10 days to get your Enterprise american express rewards certificates with the Reward Code. You will need either the email or the physical certificates in order to get the reward codes, do electronic delivery if you can.

In order to make your reservation with your amex car rental certificate, you need to go to Enterprise.com/AmexMR (at least 48 hours before your proposed pickup date). You will be given specific instructions on how to proceed. Your reward code numbers will be entered after you select a location, dates, times and after you choose a car type or category.

You must enter all your Enterprise Reward code numbers which are printed on the certificate(s), (You are limited to three amex reward certificates per rental). You must also bring the certificates with you to the rental counter.

You can also call Enterprise at 1-866-875-0459 to get an estimate or make a reservation. You would tell the agent that you will be using customer number AMXMRP and provide your personal Enterprise Reward Code numbers when you make the reservation.

Hope this helps!

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