Stuck with an Early Return Fee
for this Car Rental?

Josie asks:

Re: Early Return Fee:

My son rented a car from Corporate rent a car in Brampton Ontario on Friday July 31 for a 3 day rental. It was returned in perfect condition on Sunday(although they were closed)rather than Tuesday, but we were charged for 3 days plus an extra $250.00 early return fee on our credit card Is there any way around this policy?

My Response: 

I checked Corporate Rent a Car's website. They listed no information about the car rental 

terms and conditions of their
rentals or any policy information specifically with regards to their
policies when returning a car early.

What you will want to do is carefully read through all the
terms and conditions of the
rental car contract
. If the
contract listed such a policy
for early returns (ie, paying
for all reserved days plus an
early return fee), it would appear
that by signing the rental contract,
that your son agreed to those
terms. You may also want to 

check into the company policy for returning a car when the lot is closed. Many car rental companies do not allow after hours returns; the early return fee could be connected to that policy somehow. I know it's totally frustrating.... let's face it.. hardly anyone ever reads all the terms and conditions of their agreement before signing it (although it is recommended, and I'm sure your son will do so from now on).

Your son is perfectly within his rights to dispute the charges with Corporate rent a car. He should contact a manager from the company or their customer service department and state clearly why he feels the fee should not be paid. (ie. if the contract does not state such a policy or if, for example, he feels that he was not permitted or allowed enough time to fully read his contract before signing, or the terms and conditions provided by email were unclear or incomplete, if the vehicle was reserved on-line.) I hope this helps!

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