Can I Drive Across the Canadian
Border in my Rental Car?

Kate asks:

I'm looking for information on crossing the canada/us border in a rental. I'd like to rent in Seattle and travel into Canada. I'm going to Banff, Alberta, but will be bringing the car back to Seattle. Are there only some car rental companies that will allow a US resident to take their cars over the border?

My Response:

I checked with each individual company website for clarification on this question for you. These are the results (car rental company links open in a new window): 


- yes, as long as you return it back in the US and have permission from the rental location. 


- yes - as long as you have the permission of the rental location, renters can take a car rented in Seattle into Canada. A Canadian non-resident insurance card may be required (this will be provided at the rental location).


- yes - As long as the US renter has the permission of the specific pickup location in Seattle and receives a Canadian non-resident card to show at the border.


- probably - Driving between the US and Canada is normally allowed for US residents. Renters should check the "Local Policies", found within the reservation process, for specific information about the Dollar location you're renting from to see if there are any geographic restrictions. 


- maybe - You would have to check directly with your preferred Enterprise pickup location (you can find office phone numbers on the site) to see if they allow their vehicles to travel into Canada. 


- yes - As long as you receive direct permission from the particular Hertz location in Seattle.

You must have a valid license and must show your rental agreement at the border. 

National - yes - There were no restrictions for US residents taking a National car into Canada. You must show the required ID as well as your rental agreement at the border. 


- could find no information on their website, it gives you the option of submitting an email to ask this question. Or you can contact the location you wish to rent from: phone numbers can be found on 


Hope this helps!

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